What’s in a name? In this issue of CCM Magazine we feature Jeremy Camp, a name that is probably very familiar to you. Jeremy has been recording and releasing his music for the better part of twelve years now, including gold-selling albums and number-one hits at Christian radio.

Admittedly, until I began preparing for Jeremy’s visit to our office to meet with us and artists/writer Andrew Greer, I was not at all familiar with the name of the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan (thankfully, our press notes included the pronunciation “KEER-GA-STAN”). This unfamiliar name—the country, place, and people it represents—has a very profound impact on Jeremy Camp.

As you will read, Jeremy also contemplated the question posed above, and it was in the perceived exploitation of the name “Jeremy Camp” as a business and as an expectation, that even had him questioning the continuance of his musical pursuits.

It took a trip half-of-a-world away to a place named Kyrgyzstan for our very familiar artist (and one of our fave’s!) to experience and reconnect his life’s works with the name above all names—Jesus. A name, by the way, if spoken could earn you a one-way ticket inside of a Kyrgyzstan prison!

How are you connecting with Jesus and all that He represents, right here and now? Each of our stories are special and unique, perhaps Jeremy Camp’s journeys could inspire a personal renewal with The Name right there in your very free and familiar place?


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