We are the reason | As CCM Magazine has recently relived the events from CCMUnited’s We Will Stand: Celebrating 40 Years of Contemporary Christian Music, there is one performance from that evening that I can’t get out of my head: David Meece’s “We Are The Reason.”

It was the first time I have heard this song since I was a kid, but fondly remember its unmistakable melody, and well, as I mentioned it just won’t leave me! As I have caught myself humming and singing the tune, in particular over the past few weeks, I have finally paused to reflect on its lyrics:

Chorus: And we are the reason that He gave His life / We are the reason that He suffered and died / To a world that was lost He gave all He could give / To show us the reason to live

As we approach Easter, I am thankful that this song— even in all of its early-eighties-glory—has crept back into my conscious, as the poignancy of its powerful message is extremely appropriate. He gave ALL He could give—He gave His life.

As you dive into this edition of CCM Magazine, you will read how cover artist Chris August overcame a series of tragic events that eventually led to his complete and total surrender to Jesus. Quoting the Bridge from Meece’s classic, I pray that this Easter we can reflect on Christ’s love for us—His reason to be—and to find, restore, or increase our reason for living:

I finally found the reason for living / It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him / In all that I do every word that I say / I’ll be giving my all just for Him / For Him


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