CCM: Who are some of the gospel and contemporary Christian artists, past or present, that you admire the most?
Growing up, we listened to the singing Rambo’s—Buck, Dottie and Reba. There was three of them—mom, daddy and daughter. [My sister] Susie and I were “The Singing McEntire’s” growing up. We learned their albums and all the songs. We loved those three part harmonies! Right now, I’m loving The Isaacs, and of course, I’ve got to put my little sister Susie McEntire in there too. I love her albums. She’s been recording for a long time with her husband Mark Eaton. They travel all over the country and up into Canada doing concerts at churches and cowboy churches. They sing and give their testimony, which is very inspirational too. We have a FISH Radio station here, 94.1 FM, that I listen to. It’s just very inspirational, uplifting music that really helps you through your day.

CCM: The world seems to be getting crazier with every day that passes. What role does your faith play in helping sustain you?
My faith is everything. That’s my core. I just can’t imagine not having my faith and trusting God. I turn everything over to Him. If I ever start worrying about something, that means I don’t trust Him, so I check that and I say, “Oh Lord, get me on that one, you’re big enough, I’m gonna throw that up to you…”

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CCM: How have you managed to maintain your personal principles while remaining a fashion and style trendsetter?
RM: My deal was I didn’t want to offend anybody in the audience for anything that I wore. And I hope the women are going, “Oh my gosh, I’d like to have a dress like that,” instead of wondering, “Is my husband looking?” I never want to offend anybody. That’s not my purpose in being on stage. My purpose is to entertain and inspire. That’s it.

CCM: You’ve conquered music, TV, movies, Broadway and many more entrepreneurial endeavors, but is there anything left you’d like to accomplish?
Well, I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve not ever been the one that thinks it up and says, “I’m gonna go after that,” or, “I want to do this.” It’s always been ideas and things that have been brought to me by other people and situations. I’m always open to whatever comes to me and I’ll work my hardest at it. I’m not the thinker-upper. I’m the doer. And I asked God one night, “Why don’t You ever let me come up with an idea?” Thoughts came back to my mind immediately that said, “If you did everything yourself, you wouldn’t need Me.” And I said, “Okay, I’m fine with it just like it is. You just keep on what You’re doing and I’ll just be here when You’re ready for me to do something!”

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