CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Him + Her Worship ‘It’ll Be Alright’

Minneapolis-based husband/wife Christian folk-pop duo Him + Her Worship, is set to release its debut album, Even In The DarkSeptember 4. The project was written, recorded and produced by Him + Her Worship’s Seth Herlich and Jenna Herlich. A centerpiece of Even In The Dark, “It’ll Be Alright” is a deeply personal ballad penned from the perspective of Seth’s mother as she wrestled with a terminal cancer diagnosis. is honored to present the EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere and Story Behind the Song for this intimate and moving song, “It’ll Be Alright.”

Watch the video:

Story Behind the Song: “It’ll Be Alright”
“On January 2nd, we set up our recording and writing gear in a church nursery to do a writing session. We are full-time independent artists, and we were spending some time in Florida to escape the Minnesota winter. Seth pulled up a recording from his phone—he had recorded a melody a few days ago and wanted to work with it. “I think we should write this from my mom’s perspective,” he said. His melody was sweet and soulful; the message was an echo of “Oh, it’ll be alright…” It was perfect for her. His mom had been in and out of the hospital since her cancer diagnosis in August—blood transfusions, treatments, test results—they said that she had six to nine months to live, but her spirit had been so positive we all believed that she would pull through. She had shown a quiet strength I had never seen before in anyone. She was scared, but she knew that Jesus was taking care of her from the beginning. The theme “it’ll be alright” was exactly what she would say with a sweet smile and bright eyes. Yes, this song would be for her, and we couldn’t wait for her to hear it.

So, we wrote for two hours. The song just poured out of us; it was easy to write a song for her. We decided that the song was done, and it was good. It was simple and delicate like her. Minutes later, we received a text from Seth’s sister: “Prepare…I think she’s ready to meet Jesus. The ambulance is here, and we can’t get her in the car.” She passed away that evening.

We wrote this song for her, but I know God meant for it to be for us and our family. Maybe it won’t be great, or awesome, but it will be alright, and sometimes that’s enough—to know that God is with us; that He’s good; that I’m headed somewhere, and I have a future past this life because of what Jesus did for us. I feel like that’s a message the world needs.”

—Jenna Herlich/Him + Her Worship

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