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Album Title: Somewhere I’m Going
Release date: Scheduled for September 30, 2016
Producers: Ben Isaacs

The acclaimed bluegrass/country group releases their third recording, Somewhere I’m Going, September 30, 2016. Founding member Sarah Davison shares about their recent studio experiences with The IsaacsBen Isaacs (producer) and a special guest-star surprise collaboration.

CCM Magazine: You worked with GRAMMY-nominated producer Ben Isaacs on HighRoad’s 2014 recording, Angel At The Crossroads (buy), and your new record, Somewhere I’m Going. What has it been like collaborating with him?
Sarah Davison:
Completing a project with Ben is honestly one of the biggest blessings we could imagine. He knows how our group sounds live and he has heard us frequently over the past few years. Ben has been extremely supportive and encouraging, knowing just how to musically broaden the sound of the group, whether it’s tweaking a mandolin lick, or setting up the microphone differently for the vocals. We trust him and have the utmost respect for his talent as a producer. So when we began writing for this project, of course he was the one we wanted to work with again!

CCM: Was there anything different about recording with Ben this time around?
Working on this project with Ben really was more than just working on some songs. This album is mostly original music so it’s like we are putting more of our hearts out there for the world to hear. Ben knows what that feels like and he really understood the purpose of the songs we chose.

CCM: Each of the women in HighRoad are accomplished instrumentalists. How is that reflected on the record?
We all honestly love to play our instruments just as much as singing! I personally love arranging hymns and really enjoyed arranging several of the tunes on this project with Ben. We were sitting around one day and one of the girls said we should learn this old tune—and she started picking it out. So our listeners are going to find it on the new album—it’s called “Squirrel Hunter.” The song really showcases how much we love to play, and even includes a little bluegrass piano!

CCM: “Give Me Jesus” is a song that HighRoad often performs live. Why did you decide to include it on the new project?
“Give Me Jesus” is a song that we have done live for a long time. It has a special meaning to me for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I’ve been realizing more in the past year that all we really need is Jesus. Just when we think we have things figured out, we don’t—but God does and He’s really all we need. When recording this song, we did it pretty much exactly how it sounds live-open and dynamic, and we hope it encourages a lot of folks the same way it encourages us every time we sing it.


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