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It’s doubtless to imagine anyone arguing the notion that there are lots of things competing for our attention. Between jobs, family, social media, societal and political fascination and even religion, our minds are easily diverted and consumed by any number of things at any given time. While, perhaps, it’s not inherently wrong to sub-divide our focus and energy; it does create a slippery slope.

In general, those things that occupy our minds are typically what also become the measure of our worth. If we focus on career, a season of success can translate to a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Conversely, a professional setback or failure can easily derail any sense of self-confidence, leaving us feeling lost and defeated.

Ginny Owens knows this cycle all too well.

“I was reading this book recently that said that Satan loves nothing better than to misguide us so we’re not focused on what should be our purpose and identity,” she says. “He doesn’t have to spend a lot of time tempting us. His job’s done. That’s what we’re focusing on already.”

For Owens, a lot of life has been a concerted effort in focusing on those things that made her feel good and productive.


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