Exiles EP
(7Core Music)

Desperate to add some of his colours to the madness of this world, Michael Peter Ball the artist behind Foldinglights has dedicated himself to crafting music that cuts straight to the centre of the soul. He writes with vulnerability, honesty and heart, which is reflected here on his debut 7Core Music EP Exiles. From the soaring uplifting choruses of ‘Fear The Night’ and ‘Rebuild’ to the darker mood of ‘Noose’ and the more intimate ‘Let My Head Decide’, Michael proves himself to be an artist of the highest calibre.

Taking musical influences from fellow Irish bands like The Frames, Snow Patrol and Foy Vance, Michael writes about faith, love, death and everything in between. He has performed with many artists throughout his homeland of Northern Ireland including Nathan Jess and Martin Smith. Drawing inspiration from God, Poets and Scholars alike, he is equally at home performing on the stages of music venues around his native Belfast as he is leading worship in his home church. The intensity of his songs are born from the tension of the sometimes bleak, yet ever beautiful Irish landscape.

Folding lights is an artist capable of creating a soundscape worthy of audience escapism. If you catch a show then you may understand why.

Watch the video for “Fear the Night” here:


Exiles Track Order

1 – Fear The Night
2 – Noose
3 – Nehemiah
4 – Let My Head Decide
5 – Rebuild



Acoustic Guitar- Michael Ball
Lead Vocals – Michael Ball
Drums – Andrew Cameron
Bass Guitar – Daniel Ball
Electric Guitar – Daniel Ball & Trevor Michael
Keys – Daniel Ball
Backing vocals – aniel Ball & Trevor Michael

Recorded by – Daniel Ball
Mixed and Mastered by – Trevor Michael

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