Marty and Fern of Captiol CMG‘s newest hip hop acquisitions, Social Club Misfits, are some of the most fun energetic and loving people you will ever meet! Based in South Florida, these guys have garnered quite a following over the course of their career. They have released multiple albums independently, including the Billboard-charting full lengths Misfits 2 and US and headlined sold-out tours across the country. Their first national release, The Misfit Generation, release Jun. 1 to critical acclaim, and now CCM Magazine wants to know a little about how the guys celebrate Father’s Day.

CCM Magazine: What has been your ultimate Father’s Day thus far?
Fern: My first Father’s Day was memorable by having my daughter Camila—becoming a father always memorable. It still feels just like yesterday. My boy, Santino, is almost two, time is literally flying by, I cherish every moment I’m with them.

CCM: Wht is your favorite Father’s Day memory with your Dad?
Marty: My favorite favorite Father’s Day was when I was about eighteen, I landed a great job and it was the first time I could afford a present with my own money. Before then we would make my dad things, or my mom would give me money to buy a gift. It was special to me, it was the first time I could give my dad something from just me.
Fern: Going out after church to celebrate at these dope buffet spots. They always had a legendary name like Sadie’s or Ponderosa. Man those were the days! Love you, dad.

CCM: What does Father’s Day mean to you?
Fern: It’s wonderful to celebrate the Dad—those men who stood firm and became that responsible, and stable man for their kids and their wives. Every day is Father’s Day, just like I treat my daughter and son every day like its their birthday… A lot of love and a lot of wisdom…a lot of celebrating the victoris…being there when they fail, but always loving them and encouraging them to continue on… #FATHERHOOD
Marty: I’ve heard a pastor say you won’t understand God’s love until you have a child, but the truth is I feel like I understood God’s love for me because of my father. My father is giving, wise and full of love for my family. Father’s Day is a time we set aside to honor our dads.

Social Club Misfits, CCM Magazine - image

Social Club Misfits, CCM Magazine - image

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