CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Jodi Essex — ‘Irreverent’ is happy to present the official music video premiere for of the title track, “Irreverent,” from Christian rock newcomer Jodi Essex‘s forthcoming album Irreverent due out June 2020. Jodi is an actress, producer and singer/songwriter from Carmel in Northern California who is making her Christian rock music debut today!

“The album, Irreverent, is unabashedly guitar-driven rock; definitely melodic with some unique turnarounds. I’d describe it as bold, energetic and anthemic but with some laid-back, straight ahead tunes reminiscent of a classic rock vibe. I also wrote a couple introspective and empathetic ballads that make you take pause on life. The lyrics are very open and truthful; at times, very “in your face,” meaning they evoke an entire range of emotions that we all have as humans. Emotions that we may be afraid to feel or admit to. I put it all out there.” —Jodi Essex

Watch the “Irreverent” Official Music Video here:

“Irreverent” Lyrics:
Verse 1:
This is me
No apology
No feelin’ bad For what I am Drives the will Won’t stop until I’ll say go
Drop the hammer Helllloooo

For his presence
What you say?
You’re going the wrong way Irreverent
In all the time spent
What you say?
You goin’ my way? Irreverent

Verse: 2
This is me
I see what I see See through you Under the pew Say my thoughts Point not lost Least not on me Your insecurity? Let goooo


Not for the meek, brave and the bold Find all you seek, best story told Any press is good press
In Him

Fearless Take hold 


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