CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: JJ Weeks — ‘The Sound of Freedom’

Christian music singer/songwriter JJ Weeks has released a new music video for his song ‘The Sound of Freedom,‘ and is proud to be the exclusive outlet this week to view it.

“The sound of freedom is a sound everybody needs be familiar with. Because everyone needs to be freed from something. Some forms of freedom come physically, but to most of us, it would be from within. Freedom comes out differently for everyone, but it is unmistakable when every chain hits the floor. Imagine standing guilty in front of judge and jury and your sins, condemnation, temptations, hopelessness, depression, not feeling like you’re enough, fear, and whatever you may be dealing with is all laid out for everyone to see. But, with one word, coming from the corner of the room, it all vanishes because the King says that’s my child. THATS FREEDOM. How will you respond?” —JJ Weeks

Watch the video premiere for ‘The Sound of Freedom’ here:

BONUS:  Check out this exclusive live version that JJ Weeks did in the CCM Magazine Cafe.

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