CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: CJ Ray ‘Today’

While pursuing his desire to inspire, CJ Ray brings forth his collection of lyric-centered rock, pop and contemporary music. Inspired by the sounds of Train, Gavin DeGraw, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Jason Mraz, CJ Ray combines hooks with intelligent lyrics of hope, contentment, love and forgiveness into each and every one of his songs.

Raised in a suburb north of Chicago, CJ started playing music at a young age at church and with friends from his middle school. His first venture was as a drummer in a four-member rock band that covered songs from bands like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Bad Company and for a short while, featured now-famous classmate, Tom Morello on guitar and lead vocals.

The song and video are the bookends to his “Death Valley” song last year.

“Today” tells the story of CJ coming out of darkness and into God’s grace, it opens with CJ posing the question, “if today was my last day, would I regret the life that I’ve led?”  Before bursting into the chorus and personal proclamation, “today is the day that I give my life away, I give my life for His Glory, praise His name holy holy.”

The cinematic video shows CJ on the other side of darkness and accepting God and has three  short vignettes of other people also struggling and ultimately coming into the light.  They all meet up in the end in praise and celebration.  “To surrender control of our life is a scary thought for most of us,” says CJ. “We all want to maintain control because we know best what is right for us, but do we? ‘Today’ is a song about reconciling control of living with the purpose of living. It asks a profound question that every listener will be compelled to ponder, Today is the day!”

“I grew up reading CCM and I’m so honored that they will be debuting the ‘Today’ music video! CCM has always done an amazing job for the Christian artist and sharing God’s truth with the fans. My desire, as a singer-songwriter, is to share what comes out of my spirit colored by God’s truths. I love the three storylines in this video. A man who focused his life on material things and missed the most important things. A young woman enduring a terrible heartbreak alone and a teenage boy going through times of uncertainty and confusion. God meets us where we are! Happy Easter!” —CJ Ray

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