CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Brooke Robertson — ‘Taking My Voice Back’

Brooke Robertson is a new singer/songwriter making her debut with Burtonwood Records. Her album, Taking My Voice Back, is set to release March 27. The 11-song set—all co-penned by Robertson—showcases buoyant, country-tinged pop anthems alongside poignant ballads, each song a testament to the hope, healing and joy Roberston is embracing along her journey.

The vulnerable, deeply personal title-cut and lead single, “Taking My Voice Back,” stands as the album’s centerpiece and marks the first time Robertson has shared her story as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Harboring her pain for years, writing the song proved a therapeutic process as Robertson was ultimately able to forgive her abuser.

“It was something I promised myself I would never talk about, and for 15 years I was numb to it. As I was writing the song, I felt in my heart that I needed to contact my abuser. I was able to tell that person I forgave them, and that God forgives and loves them too. To be able to share Jesus with someone who hurt me was something I didn’t even know I needed. I thought all these years I was ok, but there was a deeper healing in store for me, and God knew that. No matter what someone has been through, I hope ‘Taking My Voice Back’ can help them find healing through forgiveness. There is power in forgiveness. I want people to find that freedom.” —Brooke

Watch the music video premiere:


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