CCM Exclusive Video/Album Premiere
Matthew Bell & the Next of Kin — Hear The Sunrise

CCM is proud to introduce the North Texas-based band, Matthew Bell & The Next of Kin. With a name like that, it’s no surprise that this quintet is a family endeavor. But unlike bands bonded by DNA, these players are joined in matrimony: lead singer/songwriter Matthew Bell is married to drummer Jarod Schmitt’s sister, and violinist Daren Denniston is married to Bell’s sister. Together with lead guitarist Ben Dobberstein and bassist Cameron Crowley, they wed lyrical depth with R&B grooves and tight, pop-informed harmonies to create a sound Bell labels “folk-soul.”

“We are brothers, sons, fathers, husbands. And outside of our Creator, our families are not only the reason why we do what we do, they’re the reason why we’ve been able to achieve any success at all. At heart, we are storytellers, and whether the story belongs to us or to our fellow man, we strive to offer justice to both the triumph and tribulation of human experience. We must not forget that life is a journey, and we all have a tale that is worth hearing. Our desire is to share those stories with the world.” —MBNOK has the EXCLUSIVE premiere of Matthew Bell & The Next of Kin‘s debut album promotional video as well as the song “Thirsty.”

Check out the song “Thirsty” here:

Get to know more about Matthew Bell & The Next of Kin:

The debut release, Hear The Sunrise, releases August 23rd.

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