CCM EXCLUSIVE Music Video Premiere: Jenn Bostic — ‘You Find a Way’

Last week Jenn Bostic released her latest album, You Find a Way, the follow up to her 2019 EP Take My Hand Part 1. This project is a collaboration and passion project between Jenn Bostic and GRAMMY-nominated songwriter and producer Lauren Christy.

Today, CCM is proud to have the EXCLUSIVE premiere of the video for the title track, ‘You Find a Way.’

Watch ‘You Find a Way’Official Music Video Premiere:

Story Behind the Song:
‘A dear friend and pastor of mine once said, “God doesn’t waste a drop of our pain.” That pierced my heart. We all face painful and challenging situations that don’t seem to make sense, and we can search tirelessly for a way out. When we don’t see it, God does. Over and over again He comes through. Co-written with Lauren Christy and Devin Belle, this song allowed us the opportunity to relive the ways we have seen God move in our lives, each time strengthening our faith and helping us to trust Him in every situation.’ —Jenn Bostic

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