CCM Magazine: You’re currently working on your fourth studio recording that’s set to release this spring, tell us what your most excited about with this new project?
Deanna Ransom:
Wow, my 4th recording…that alone makes me excited! Now, what’s most exciting to me about this project besides the fact that it’s happening, is having the opportunity to share my growth and another facet of myself and my music with a wider audience. That has me positively elated.

CCM: Tell us about the single from the new project, More Than Anything. What do you think listeners will like about it the most?
Sometimes we encounter or go through things that can make us feel small, alone or lost and we need to remember or be reminded that when we put God first trusting He’s for us that somehow, we have the grace for whatever we’re facing. “More Than Anything” is the song that reflects on walking through really hard things you weren’t sure you were going to get through, realizing not only that you made it, but that you’re blessed which has caused your love for God to grow and take on a depth beyond anything else.

What I think listeners will like most about it besides the message, is how the simplicity of the song really sticks with you. I’d be doing something with my kids or cleaning around my house and find myself humming it—now that’s the kind of music I like as a listener and I’m hoping the listeners will like that about this song, too.

CCM: How has serving at domestic violence shelters changed the way you write and preform your music?
Serving in domestic violence shelters has humbled and blessed me. When you connect with these amazing and courageous folks, hear their stories and their hearts, it doesn’t just impact you, it changes you. It has caused me to dig deeper into the wells of compassion and understanding until you uncover truth. Truth is liberating and empowering regardless of circumstance and when you are experiencing circumstances that are turbulent, troubling and appear to be uncertain, truth not facts, truth can sustain you and give you hope to take the actions to keep moving forward while trusting the process. That has transformed everything about me including my writing, music, performance and my life. It has caused me to dig for, represent and radiate a greater sense of truth regardless of circumstance.


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