CCM: Have you always written faith-based songs?
DV: Yes, and no. I write love songs, so I guess that is faith-based? When I think about it, yes, the music I write has all been faith-based, but not in so much “church-speak.” Some have been based on political faith-based themes. You will hear one of those types of songs on Volume 2 to be released this September.

CCM: We get that your core audience is a little to the left-or-right-of-center to the typical contemporary Christian music fan. Given that you’ve got a bit of a broader audience, how does that drive/inspire/effect what you’re creating lyrically and musically?
DV: In my opinion, it’s too early to tell who my core audience is just yet. [It seems] I have gotten more mainstream attention than Christian, but that’s mainly due to casting a very wide marketing net. As to what inspires the writing, I write what the Lord gives me. I don’t even create it. I’m really not that smart or talented, it all comes from God. So, I rarely take a subject and say, “I’m gonna write for ‘this market’ or ‘that market.’ As mentioned, I don’t use “church-speak,” where the secular world might have a hard time understanding the meaning. So, that may get me in a little trouble with some folks, but I think that’s because Jesus met people at their levels.

I feel fortunate to have gotten His message out to mainstream audiences with a recent interview with Huffington Post and other various music & celebrity blogs. So, that tells me we are communicating something correctly. I recently got an email from a goth death metal band in Germany saying that they liked my music, and they really are listening to the positive message! Another metal rock band responded and said that they were blessed to have listened to my music! It shouldn’t surprise me, because that’s what we are supposed to be doing, right? To go into all the world and to tell the Good News…

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