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The human voice is not a color. It’s not an ethnicity or a race.

The voice transcends all of that.

There are some voices that bear the soul of the singer from which they originate. Every word, every note drips with a passion and urgency that is visceral. When people like this get a hold of a song worth singing, the outcome could become a soundtrack to the most important moments in life. These moments remind us how to cry when our eyes are dry. They remind us what hope feels like in the midst of darkness and depth. They not only allow a glimpse into the heart and soul of the singer; they pierce the heart of the listener in places and ways unlike anything else in the world.

David Crowder
has one of those voices.

The words that flow from his pen and the voice that delivers his melodies meet us at our most vulnerable and from there, extend a hand to continue the journey with us, exploring new territory and challenging our most long-held understandings of the world.

That’s been his style, his creed and his mission throughout his lauded career. And on his second solo offering, American Prodigal (buy), he’s not only joining us for the journey; he’s leading the way.


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