by Jen Rose Yokel

Making music is never a truly solo adventure, and creating with someone you love can make it that much sweeter. We’ve recently highlighted a few amazing husband and wife duos at CCM, from The Gray Havens to Jenny and Tyler and we’re also excited about the latest from Wild Harbors (watch their CCM Cafe live performance video here).

All this great music coming out got us thinking about some of our favorite musical marriages—from folk to pop to worship duos.

Here are some of our current favorite husband-and-wife teams making music today.

Drew and Ellie Holcomb
You may know Ellie from her beautiful solo albums and co-writing credits with many beloved CCM artists, but before that she was making music alongside her husband in Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. This accomplished duo can’t help but write great songs together, and their gift for tender love songs and stunning harmony is on full display in their new EP, Electricity.


Brian and Jenn Johnson
As worship leaders at Bethel Church, the Johnsons have made huge contributions to the culture of modern worship music, with credits on songs like “Have It All” and “One Thing Remains.” Their commitment to each other, family, and church extend through years of music making together, as shown in the stripped-down simplicity of their 2017 musical retrospective After All These Years.


Love and the Outcome
Jodi King and Chris Rademaker brought their unique musical passions and individual careers together in music and marriage. As Love and the Outcome, they’ve channeled Chris’ rock n roll influences and Jodi’s pop affections into something inspiring, catchy, and delightful. One listen to their music is all you need to hear a couple having fun together.


Vocal Few
Maybe you remember The Classic Crime’s searing rock anthems, but frontman Matt McDonald isn’t afraid to turn down the amps now and then. He’s teamed up with his wife Kristie for a few indie pop albums. Known as Vocal Few, Matt and Kristie’s side gig documents their life together through honest, thoughtful folk-pop songs.


JJ and Dave Heller –
Though JJ Heller is best known as a solo artist, her husband Dave’s work and influence have been all over her music from the beginning! The duo works, writes, and tours together, making music that reflects on the beauty, struggle, joy, and wonder of marriage and family.

Who’s your favorite husband and wife duo? Did you discover someone new to love on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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