Nashville, TN (March 21, 2019)
Peabod‘s brand new single, “Side Hustle” is available everywhere Friday, March 22.

Hear it before you can buy it or stream it anywhere else! and Centricity Music are pleased to offer you this exclusive, sneak preview of “Side Hustle!”

Check it out here:



“‘Side Hustle’ is close to my heart for a couple reasons. The first is that it’s my current reality! In addition to music, I have a full time job with an amazing team that I work at 40 hours a week. The second reason is that this song celebrates all the awesome, scrappy parts of having a side hustle. I’m lucky to have two jobs that I love, but keeping up with both is definitely a challenge! My hope is that this song would encourage anyone who is side-hustling to keep at it. Some of the best artists and business people started out chasing their dream as a side hustle. So keep going! You never know what might happen!”


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