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Video Premiere for ‘Southern Hallelujah!’

Cade Foehner is a 22 year old American musician born and raised in East Texas. He picked up a guitar when he was 13 and never looked back. Well known for his fusion of blues rock and country, he was named the best guitarist under 20 in the State of Texas in 2014. He recently gained national exposure on American Idol, where he stood out with his gritty soulful voice and unique guitar skills. While on American Idol he shared the stage with legendary guitar player Gary Clark Jr. were they performed Clarks hit “Bright Lights.”

Out of 200,000 contestants, Cade made Top 5 on American Idol. His first single, “Breathe Out,” (Hollywood Records) hit the top 5 on the charts. He recently finished a 47-city tour across the U.S. with American Idol and just finished a 6 week North American tour with his fiancée—former American Idol star Gabby Barrett—and country artist Chris Lane.

Cade is also busy in the studio finishing up his new album and planning his own U.S. tour in 2019.


Cade’s Story Behind the Video

“For this video I felt it necessary to show where I came from. No one has likely heard of Shelbyville Texas, or McClelland community church, but now the whole world gets to see a video of our little town! This is my literal church where I was baptized, a piece of dirt road my sisters and I used to run up and down to go see my granny. This video is East Texas. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a church and you can’t go anywhere without hitting a dirt road. I wanted most of all to show the process of coming to faith. Metaphorically, the truck is broke down, you can’t fix it and there is nothing you can do to make it work. So you depend upon someone else, namely Christ. This is a story of ridding oneself of works and merit and trusting solely in Christ and His merit. Leaving behind all to follow Him.” —Cade Foehner

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