Hadensville, VA (September 14, 2020)
In the unprecedented pandemic “storm” of 2020, your heart may be torn about attending a live Casting Crowns concert. However, the band is bringing much-needed hope and normalcy with fifty-four stops on the Drive-in Theater Tour by Awakening Events. At a recent Virginia show it had been raining across the state most of the day, but the deluge stopped right before Crowns, one of the most beloved in Christian music, took the stage.

Check out this live concert experience from September 9th in the slideshow below by staff photographer, Annette Holloway.

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“A concert is always a great kind of mental health break,” Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall tells Billboard. “You’ve got something to look forward to. You’ve got something to take your family to. I think on a lot of levels families need this right now. Being that we can’t do concerts in venues because of social distancing, we had to start getting creative.”

The nostalgic drive-in venues, where it is easier to follow all local Covid-19 safety guidelines, provide a safer family-oriented live concert experience. Families can watch the show rain or shine both on stage and on the big screen from vantage points like a pickup truck bed, the back of an SUV, inside a vehicle, or in folding chairs on the ground where everyone is inside an assigned parking area.

Check out the remaining Casting Crowns tour dates below.


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