CCM reader Cyndi Foran of Channahon, Ill. has three questions for Superchick. Front woman Tricia Brock has the answers.

CYNDI: If you were not singing, what other job would you be doing?

TRICIA: Since I was a kid, I always thought I’d be a nurse. I love to take care of people (and animals), so my plan was to go to college and major in nursing (probably pediatrics), while getting a minor in singing. God changed that plan though, and I’ve been performing since I graduated high school.

CYNDI: When you are on tour, and everything is so busy, when do you find time for your quiet times with God?

TRICIA: On tour, I tend to find myself craving alone time. It seems like I move inward a lot and feel a little overwhelmed with so much social interaction. So, in the afternoons, I’ll find some little place that’s peaceful and read or journal. It’s a way I can focus and be quiet with just me, God and usually my dog, Sophie.

CYNDI: If someone was considering starting a band, what would you suggest they do?

TRICIA: We always say that if you’re passionate about music and dream of doing it for a living, you should practice a lot and get good at what you do first. Find other people who love music; start a local group; play whenever you can; tell people you meet you’re looking for a band or for musicians for yours; and mostly, pray that God puts you where you should be, opens the right doors and [gives you] wisdom to make the right choices.


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