A self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl who has suffered with debilitating illness since childhood, was only twenty when she lost her father. She had recently left her North Carolina home to pursue a music career in Nashville when she got the call that her worship pastor-dad had passed following a massive heart attack. Undone by his death and the ravages of Lyme Disease, Turner soon returned home as her health worsened. Unable to eat or even hold up her head due to muscle atrophy, she was hospitalized and placed on a feeding tube, remaining bedridden for six years.

After ongoing treatments, her condition eventually improved, freeing her to get back to what she loved—connecting with audiences through music. While out on the road, Turner met and later married her husband, Jaime. Within a year, the couple were thrilled to discover that they were expecting, despite being told that pregnancy wasn’t possible due to her prevalent illness. But their dreams were soon shattered when they learned that their son had a fatal birth defect and would not survive outside the womb. Only seventy-one minutes after he was born, little London took his last breath in his mother’s arms.

After such pain and loss, many would simply crawl back into that dark corner. But not Turner. Through it all, she returned to the piano, where the Spirit breathed her back to life. “I think the Lord created me this way, drawn in by the emotion that comes with music,” she says. “When I sit down at the piano, He always uses it to draw me back, to awaken the dreamer, and I always leave different than when I came. I leave different knowing He sees me, He is with me, He is my hope.”

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That hope shines through each track on her debut label EP, especially “My Prayer For You,” the project’s first single which was penned by GRAMMY-nominated songwriter and her producer, Michael Farren.


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