New Music Exclusive Artist: Jim Labriola

Jim Labriola, born and raised in Queens, New York, always had a natural flair for comedy. During his youth, he spent hours a day listening to his favorite comedy records like Pat Cooper, George Carlin and, his personal idol, Don Rickles. In 1989, Jim opened for Tim Allen at Governor's comedy club..

New Music Exclusive Artist: Lainey Wright

"I can't get her songs out of my head," said Paul Colman, (The Paul Colman Trio, The Newsboys) who has produced Lainey's debut project. "If they were about nothing, I'd be furious. But seeing as these catchy tunes are loaded with poetry and spiritual yearning, they're like prayers". "

New Music Exclusive Artist: Shareiff Robinson

Shareiff Robinson is a multi-talented musician, producer, songwriter and singer who loves making great music. Shareiff's passion for Christian music was something that he attributes to his mother instilling godly principles and just living with the highs and lows of life.

New Music Exclusive Artist: The Reliques

Pronounced "relics", the band grew out of a friendship that began at the University of Texas. Their newest release, To Feel and Be Loved, was recorded by Caedmon's Call's own Joshua Moore. The project is a lively jam session featuring a cavalcade of eclectic instruments such as mandolin..."

Christian Music’s Big Give

(APRIL 2008) Catch up with several of your favorite artists for the latest on their humanitarian initiatives.

FLASHLIGHT: A Closer Look at…

(MARCH 2008) NEW MUSIC — Hunting for spiritually sound and good music from fresh faces in March 2008.