Dischord – Music meets Discourse: #2 America First? (part 1)

I have long been a student of culture. I believe it is part of the discipline necessary to write songs that are truthful. If the work of a songwriter is to look at the world and describe it, then one must assuredly become a master of the art of observation. And, so it is with how I have come to see the current point in history related to Christians, politics and the stewardship of the muscles we have, specifically designed for acting out generosity toward others.

Dischord – Music meets Discourse: #1 Metamorphosis

I should not have been so surprised that instead of emerging from some safe place as a hopeful, vibrant idealist with a penchant for creating passion infused worship songs about God’s magnificent creation, I went from being a mildly cool music artist to become something of an old curmudgeon.