Music has always been a reflection of life for me. My fondest memories are related to a song, concert, or event. “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West wrecked me today. I want to encourage you to watch this video, put it on repeat and let it sit with you. I’m not sure what “I’m FIne” means but I know often, I’m NOT FINE. If you feel as I do, know there are a bunch of us. I’m fortunate that I have the platform to share with. You know someone who is faking it like a lot of us. Send them this video and a note. They need to hear from you.
Matthew West’s “Truth Be Told” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!…and I needed to hear it today.

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Randy Maricle

Randy Maricle has been marketing faith products for over 25 years including the surprised box office hit "Gods Not Dead." He now oversees operations as His favorite band is Fat Freddie and the Funky Funky Fresh Boys. Well, he wishes it was a real band because he digs the name.

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