Many of you might not be familiar with Andrew Ripp. He’s a singer/songwriter that really got his start in the general market writing songs for other artists that netted him multiple Billboard pop chart successes. Along his journey, he got sober, moved to Nashville and started recording and touring playing his own music. He also continues to write with and have his songs record by other artists. I fact, he was co-wrote the Zach Williams hit song, ‘Rescue Story,’ along with Ethan Hulse, Jonathan Smith, and Zach.

Last week, Andrew dropped his song, ‘God Knows (Must Be Love) – Radio Edit.’ This is an awesome song. Trust me. It’s not really your stereotypical Christian music pop/radio song. There are elements of pop, singer/songwriter, and soul. And, the lyrics are rock solid.

Andrew Ripp’s new song, ‘God Knows (Must Be Love) – Radio Edit,’ is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Preview it here:

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