I really don’t know much about this guy, but this is one of the better songs from last weeks batch of new releases. This is very soulful and catchy! I hope to hear more from him in the future.

Ben Laine’s new single, “IDK” is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check it out.


Ben Laine – IDK (Official Music Video)


I’m afraid of feeling lost
When all my emotions take off
And I struggle with my doubt
Of how it falls together how things are gonna work out

And I just cannot understand
Why you wouldn’t take my hand and
Walk along with me in hell
Nothing more nothing else

Why do I worry bout the future
And yet I struggle with my past
I keep tryna push on forward
But I’m holding myself back

And all of these things that I deal with
I feel like I can’t tell no one
Cuz if I try I know they’ll never Understand
Where I’m coming from

I need a little bit of hope
Need a little bit of peace
radiating from my soul
Take a portion of it please

Cuz I’m searching for a little bit of mine
little bit of light of mine

Life keeps on changing
And I’m feeling anxious
Lord help me I’m so broken
I just don’t know
All of my failures
Are painting a picture
Lord help me I’m so broken
I just don’t know

I seem to question everything
Like why I don’t believe what I sing
And yet I write it from the heart
Checkout my sleeves it’s what I got

And I don’t have all of the answers for a
Broken world that seems it’s going under
Why’s there pain and tragedy
Why can’t we all just live in harmony

See I’m not perfect never said I was
In fact I’m furthest from it just because
I’m just a human like the rest
But everyday when I get outta bed I try my best

And yet I know that there’s an answer for my
Problems and all my mistakes
It’s like a mountain that keeps getting steeper
And I’m just climbing everyday

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