The Fat Is Gone

(MARCH 2008) The changing times have brought the print CCM Magazine to an end and is birthing a new digital magazine. The tech advances and social trends have effected the music industry too, where actual CDs are making way for digital audio that is easily downloadable... sometimes, too easily.

Wise Encounters

(MARCH 2008) BUILDING 429's Jason Roy and his wife are serious about pouring into the lives of college students.

March 2008 Book Reviews

Read reviews of a few books that were published this year. CRAZY LOVE / HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT / I WOULD DIE FOR YOU / I WANT TO BELIEVE / MY BEAUTIFUL DISASTER

Edison Glass: The Art Of Invention

(MARCH 2008) The indie-rock of Edison Glass emerges once again, free of clich̩s, with TIME IS FICTION.

Sanctus Real: Keeping It Real

(MARCH 2008) On the heels of a new album, Sanctus Real's Matt Hammitt tells us why we need each other.

The Afters: Far From OK

(MARCH 2008) The new album from The After serves as proof that the success of BEAUTIFUL LOVE was only the beginning...

Where Did My CCM Magazine Go?

(MARCH 2008) The print version of CCM Magazine may be going away, but its future online looks bright.