Sanctus Real: Keeping It Real

(MARCH 2008) On the heels of a new album, Sanctus Real's Matt Hammitt tells us why we need each other.

The Afters: Far From OK

(MARCH 2008) The new album from The After serves as proof that the success of BEAUTIFUL LOVE was only the beginning...

Where Did My CCM Magazine Go?

(MARCH 2008) The print version of CCM Magazine may be going away, but its future online looks bright.

Pillar: Game On

(FEBRUARY 2008) Pillar's Rob Beckley describes the challenges of being in music for the long haul — and why he won't balk if you say he is in a "Christian band".

Rush Of Fools: Do The Right Thing

(FEBRUARY 2008) The members of Rush Of Fools were just humble guys serving God — until a hit single got the attention of the nation.

Ministry And Music

(FEBRUARY 2008) A growing number of churches aren't just embracing the arts in a big way—they're also recording and distributing them, too. Artists like Sarah Macintosh help nurture gifted people in their churches.