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Terrance McCoy – ‘Transparency’ album review
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"With Me Always"
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Terrance McCoy – ‘Transparency’ album review

Terrance McCoy, CCM Magazine - image

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With a fitting album title comes a collection of songs from artist Terrance McCoy that bear the singer’s soul and desires to live for Christ. From the pleas of “Burn,” to the anthemic “With Me Always,” to the layered “Put A Little Love In It,” McCoy puts a lot into Transparency (buy). Enjoyably, McCoy is a bit of a chameleon vocally, weaving back-and-forth from a bluesy-rasp (think: Gavin DeGraw) to pop-polished melody lines (Matt Wertz) all delivered in a nice, clean batch. Musically deep and rootsy, really experienced on tunes like “I Am Yours” and “We Dance,” Transparency leaves us wanting to jam-out with McCoy personally in-concert. It’s rare to come across an album that combines such depth-of-message with fun-loving grooves, leading us to believe that it truly lives up to its name.

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