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Story Behind The Song: Demon Hunter, "Carry Me Down"

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Story Behind The Song: Demon Hunter,
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Most people never get the chance to write a letter to the ones they love before they die, revealing what matters most. Demon Hunter’s lead singer, Ryan Clark, on the other hand, penned his own epistle and set it to music. The hard band’s hit single can be found on its new record, Storm the Gates of Hell (Solid State). Ryan recently gave us a glimpse into his thoughts behind the song…

“Carry Me Down” is about mortality. In the lyrics of this song, I hypothetically fast forward to my own personal funeral. I wrote the song with the intention of giving people a sense of peace regarding mortality. In essence, it’s a letter to my friends and loved ones, letting them know that my heart is right with God, and they can take comfort in that. It’s also a way to get some final thoughts on paper, something I feel most people don’t get to do before they die. I’m not planning on passing any time soon, but I thought it was an issue worth covering now, regardless of my age.

Although it may seem depressing, it’s meant to give hope and understanding. We received an email just the other day from a fan who told us “Carry Me Down” really helped them through the grieving process regarding a friend who had recently passed.

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