Newsboys United Album ‘United’ Due in May

On the heels of last year’s blockbuster Newsboys United reunion tour and the current hit single, “Greatness Of Our God,” Christian music supergroup Newsboys is set to unveil their latest release, United, May 10.

Worship Leader Jon Egan Releases ‘Unveil’

With his first solo project, Unveil, worship leader, songwriter, husband and father Jon Egan has created a gathering of worshipful songs that can only come from the furnace of real life. The 13-song live collection is wrapped full of songs bearing hope, joy, and community.

Best Thing I Heard Today: March 25, 2019

There were several songs that stood out for me from last Friday's batch of new songs, but Nathan Taylor's "How Could I Be Silent" is simply the Best Thing I Heard Today. I'm definitely going to have to find more of his music....this is what worship music should be like in 2019!

Influencers Drop New Single ‘Believe Again’

The new single, “Believe Again,” is available now, marking the latest release from the worship group Influencers. The diverse set of voices are continuing to release new music ahead of a full album unveiling later this spring.

Ian Yates Releases 7 Song ‘Deconstruction Vol. 1’

The new album, Deconstruction Vol. 1, from 7Core Music artist Ian Yates released Friday 22nd March. Featuring the singles "Blackout," "Belly Of The Beast," "Hope Beyond Hope," and "Deconstruction" which received glowing reviews from critics and journalists.