Zion’s Joy – Episode 006 (7.19.18)

Millions of people have discovered multicultural gospel group Zion's Joy after Facebook puzzlingly deleted their new music video for "political" reasons. Now, after an apology and reinstatement from FB and a ho...

Jamie Grace – Episode 004 (7.17.18)

In this episode, Jamie Grace joins us on World Emoji Day to talk about married life, YouTubing for 12 years and what it looks like to talk to single women now that she’s on the other side of singleness.

PEABOD – Episode 002 (7.11.18)

In this episode, Peabod talked about his singer-songwriter past, how Chance the Rapper has been a big inspiration, and what it was like working with Hollyn and releasing his debut project, Healthy Snacks. His roommates are a big part of the record, too, and he talks about those dudes.

Colton Dixon – Episode 001 (7.10.18)

In this inaugural episode, Colton talks about being a newlywed, the prospect of having dogs vs. babies, a bold evangelical new direction with his music, and brand new collaboration with Tommee Profitt, “I Am Legend.” And we answer your questions! Check it out!