Christian hip-hop has made some notable inroads in the last few years, especially in the mainstream. You’ve got popular artists like Lecrae winning Grammy, Stellar, and Dove awards, and songs from Christian artists in regular rotation on networks like BET and MTV. So has Christian hip-hop finally arrived? Chad Horton of Rapzilla and Timothy Trudeau of Syntax Creative weigh in.

On a recent business trip to New York City, I had the pleasure of visiting the Christian Post offices overlooking Ground Zero to discuss one of my favorite subjects, which of course is, Christian Hip Hop. In hindsight, I think my answer to the question, which ended up becoming the headline, of whether or not Christian Hip Hop had arrived, should have been…

That depends. What do you mean by “arrived”? Do we mean that Christian Hip Hop has reached its goal? If so, what is that goal? Until the whole world knows? To be accepted? To have similar sales numbers to our general market counterparts? If the goal was to do whatever we do to the glory of God, then perhaps we have arrived. 

What do you think?

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Timothy J. Trudeau

Timothy J. Trudeau launched what is now known as Syntax Creative at only 18 years old. Since then, Trudeau’s hard work and integrity has opened doors to work with artists such as Tamela Mann, Donnie McClurkin, Papa Roach, Marvin Winans, Mountain Faith Band, Crystal Lewis, Shanice Wilson and P.O.D., among others. Trudeau’s knowledge and experience has led to becoming a sought-after thought leader cited in the Washington Post, ABC News, US News & World Report, Business Insider, Billboard, Yahoo News, The Source, American Express Open Forum, Global Traveler, Truth In Media, CCM, Fight Magazine, Bankrate, Christian Post, NPR, and TBN, among others.

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