NYC, NY (February 27, 2019)
CCM Magazine was recently contacted by the publicist for a new, anonymous artist who calls himself, The Secret, regarding the impending release of his 3 EPs that can only be described as “worship sound-scape.” After searching for hours, our team could find absolutely nothing online about this mysterious new artist. His stated goal is to “strip away the virus of social media assessment.” So, The Secret made his start in reverse: He quit the game of “followers” before the opportunity even arose. He has absolutely no social media presence.

The Secret hopes to challenge our understanding or concept of what “worship music” is…or can be. There are no lyrics. The music is intended to be the vessel of worship. The EP’s present the idea that worship is about a heart position and that we can appreciate/worship God in all forms of creativity that are dedicated to him.

“Each sound-scape is of heavy distorted visuals, yet intriguingly calming; A duality of sorts. The tracks have roots of Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, and Autechre. Though, they’re also fused with this drifting classical breeze and simplistic elements that birth nothing but a pure and soothing dichotomy.” —The Secret


The 3 EP’s are set for release on March 3, 2019

LEUNAMME – Backwards for Emmanuel, which is an alternative name for God.

US – The idea of creation of humans/how our part (or lives collectively) seemingly plays out in a very militaristic/machine-like manor until we recognize the choice God has given us.

CHOICE – The last EP wrapping up the concept; We all have a choice to make towards or away from God.

There is a clock counting down to 03.03.19 on his website,

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