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Watch the official music video for “Real Love” (buy single) from Blanca. Stay tuned for info about her forthcoming EP to be released next month!

“Real Love” lyrics (Blanca Callahan, Jordan Sapp, Emily Weisband):
This isn’t easy for me to admit
I got a fire inside and some words I know I can’t keep in
I see faith turning into a show
Of Sundays and sermons and works getting caught in the flow.

Oh but we got real pain
And real fears
Thirstin for the drying
Of our real tears
It’s not satisfying anymore
Ain’t it true that veil was torn
Don’t need no stained glass
To be washed in His blood
Don’t need no perfect put together pretty words
To be enough
I want Jesus and His real love it’s something that I crave deep inside of my bones
So you can leave your religion at home

Spent my life trying to keep all the rules
Now I know it’s about what Hes already done
Not about what I think that I gotta do

I want Real Real Love

I got real pain
And real fears
thirstin’ for the dryin of real tears
It’s not satisfying anymore
Ain’t it true that the veil was torn

I want Real Real Love
I Want Real Real Love
I want Real Real Love

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