Puzzle of the day: What do you get when you combine three women, each with a different personality, musical background, and career goal? Well, common sense might call it a recipe for disaster but for sisters Amanda and Brianna Wilcox, along with Danielle Cruz, that’s the perfect combination for Kimber Rising, a new pop/R&B trio that has taken the CCM world by storm.

While being a part of a trio is new for all three ladies, singing is not. Amanda and Brianna grew up singing together but it wasn’t until family and friends started suggesting they start a group that they actually considered singing professionally.

“It wasn’t even on my radar,” said Brianna. “I love that the Lord’s plans for us are full of great, unfathomable surprises, like being a part of this group.”

The plans didn’t stop with just Amanda and Brianna. They knew from the beginning they wanted to form a trio so they immediately start praying for the right woman to come along.

“We started praying for a 3rd member and a great friend suggested Danielle,” said Amanda. “We met with her, heard her sing, listened to her heart, and immediately knew she was a perfect fit for us.”

While the group’s creation happened someone spontaneously, they were not lacking in support. They were signed to a management company that also had some big CCM names on their docket. As a result, they were able to quickly start opening for artists such as 33 Miles, Building 429, and Lecrae, an honor that still humbles and excites them.

“We performed at an Acquire the Fire event in Michigan where Lecrae was the headlining act,” said Brianna excitedly. “I was so impressed with his passion for wanting the audience to truly grasp the goodness of the Lord. Being a self-proclaimed nerd, I felt my cool factor rise ever so slightly sitting in the arena that day!”

On stage, it took work to mix three different voices and styles into the sound that is Kimber Rising.

We spent our first two meetings together exploring passions and getting to know each others’ backgrounds and relationships with the Lord,” said Danielle. “The dynamic of a three-person group is always interesting. We are all so different in our personalities, but we work well together to discuss issues at hand.”

It’s true that the ladies are all different but they are also unified in one thing: their individual dedication to the Lord. They know that the success of the group rests in each of them consistently coming before God to ensure they are carrying out His will. This is proven necessary as the road for Kimber Rising hasn’t been an easy one.

“Right after we started the group we had a manager, a booking company, and a label, we thought it was going to be a really easy ride for us, but God had other plans in mind,” said Amanda.

While most artists begin independently and hope to win the attention of major labels, Kimber Rising’s journey has been very different. They are currently independent artists and are working hard to keep the momentum going. When asked what sustains them in such a brutal industry, they all agree that it’s their desire to simply worship and serve their Creator that serves as their driving force.

The name ‘Kimber Rising’ stems from an Old English word that means leader. And despite the ups-and-downs, Kimber Rising surges ahead and continues to stay true to their name by encouraging, leading, and entertaining fans all across the United States.

The past three years traveling the country and ministering with my two best friends has been a crazy, faith building, tear filled, mind blowing, joyous adventure that I would not trade for the world,” said Brianna. “We have seen the Lord use us to bind the broken hearted while strengthening ours. He has shown us time, and time, and yet time again that when our eyes are on Him, He will not disappoint!”

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