CCM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Thomas Muglia ‘Let My Tongue Be Silenced’

“Let My Tongue Be Silenced” is the new single from breakout Christian music artist Thomas Mulgia, featured on his debut album I Have A Father (OCP) available now.

“‘Let My Tongue Be Silenced’ was inspired by Psalm 137, in which God’s people find themselves exiled because of their idolatry. During this time their captors ask them to sing and in reply they say ‘How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?’ and ‘Let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!’ Struggle and failure are inevitable in life, but the good news is, we can always turn back to the Father’s grace; in fact, He waits eagerly for us to turn back so that He can restore us. ‘Let My Tongue Be Silenced’ is a prayer that I keep coming back to. I like to say those words keep me honest. I hope this song inspires others to be more honest with themselves and God about where they’re at in their relationship to Him.” —Thomas Muglia

Artist Bio:
Thomas Muglia is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Tempe, Arizona, inspired by the story of humanity, God’s redemption, and the ability to create new things.

Born with moderate to severe hearing loss, Thomas grew up in a musical family and quickly learned how to feel, play, and read music at a young age. Under his dad’s leadership in the Church, he began playing and singing for the congregation. Through his teen years, wanting to follow in the steps of his music inspiration, John Mayer, Thomas would spend his spare time playing his renditions of his favorite pop songs in school talent shows or coffee shops. It wasn’t long after that he found himself auditioning in front of the judges on American Idol. After being sent home at the end of Hollywood Week, he says looking back now he didn’t understand God’s plan in the moment, but a few years later, it became clear God had a different direction in mind for his music.

Just a year later, Thomas discovered a passion for honest songwriting and music that speaks to the heart during his time in campus ministry in college. Thomas gathered his friends in his dad’s recording studio and released his first independent album The Return in 2019, and not long after that, he was sought after by Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) to publish some of the songs out of his extensive 300+ catalog. That relationship skyrocketed him into being an artist for OCP and he will make his OCP album debut with I Have A Father, which releases nationwide on February 25, 2022.

His forthcoming album showcases Thomas’ prayerful and heartfelt songwriting combined with powerful melodies and dynamic instrumental textures. His lyrics strive to reflect honestly on all aspects of a relationship with God and the Christian walk of faith.

His heart is to make music that shares the love of Christ. While only 23 years old, he is making his mark in music, and while he doesn’t know what God has in store, he knows his music isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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