We are living through trying times. The coronavirus global pandemic has affected every one of us. At times, we tend to focus on that which separates. But today, we need to remember that we are connected no mater our culture, language or where we live.

The people of The United Methodist Church have persevered through challenges, while remaining deeply-rooted in our Wesleyan heritage. We forge into places of hurt and need, faithfully following Jesus’ directive to help our neighbors. As United Methodists, we have and continue to have a footprint of love on this world.

During this time of chaos and confusion, the “People of God” campaign is meant to serve as a reminder of who we know we have been at our best−the spirit-filled, resilient, missional, connected, faithful, diverse and deeply-rooted people of God called The United Methodist Church.

Church leaders are invited to use the “People of God” campaign materials freely to help their congregations remember and celebrate their United Methodist heritage while also recommitting themselves to the principles and positive characteristics that have allowed United Methodists everywhere to persevere through the current chaos. Share the campaign graphics in your web communication, social media or print materials (see usage guide for an overview of available digital resources and instructions for using them in conjunction with the advertising campaign).

Below you’ll find the various campaign graphics with brief descriptions of each theme and suggested additional resources to inspire your congregation.

Spirit-filled: Even in this time of uncertainty, anxiety and loneliness, we take comfort in the presence of Holy Spirit in our lives. Through the work of the Holy Spirit in us, we embody love of God and our neighbor in our daily lives. We express that love through acts of piety that brings us closer to God and acts of mercy in service to our neighbor. Encourage your congregation to deeper their relationship with God and strive to live more faithfully by the teachings of Jesus Christ in their day-to-day lives through prayer, meditations, scripture and acts of service and compassion.

Resilient: In times of trial and uncertainty, we persevere with the strength we draw from God and the support of our fellow disciples. In times of unprecedented challenge we continue to preach good news to the poor (both in-person and online), comfort the grieving, stand with the persecuted and live according to Christ’s teachings. Learn about the ways United Methodists have shown resilience in midst of contemporary challenges.

Missional: We are called by Christ to serve in mission in order to make new disciples, offer Christ-like love and healing to the world and seek justice for all God’s children. Even as our structures, strategies and mission fields change, our mission to share the love of God with all our neighbors continues. Help your congregation remember its mission and find the best ways to reach out to their neighbors.

Deeply-rooted: We are deeply-rooted in Christ’s teachings, our Wesleyan heritage and our global connection. We follow Christ’s mission to make disciples all over the world, informed by the examples of Wesley and Methodists who came before us and connected in the shared experiences of United Methodists everywhere. We learn from both the successes and the mistakes of previous generations, striving always to a more faithful, loving and inclusive church as Christ calls us.

Justice-seeking: We advocate for justice and equality for all God’s children and seek to be a church that stands for and with those who are persecuted, mistreated or neglected in today’s society. We seek to dismantle racism and all forms of bigotry both inside and outside of our churches. We strive to be a more inclusive and loving church by speaking on behalf of the oppressed. See the ways The United Methodist Church is advocating for justice.

Diverse: We celebrate the diversity of our denomination and the many expressions of Methodism conveyed from the different races, languages, nationalities, sexual orientations and gender identities of our membership. We seek to be a church where everyone feels loved, respected and empowered to take part in our global mission to make disciples. Celebrate the many faces of The United Methodist Church across world.

Connected: Even the midst of social distancing, isolation and loneliness, we remain connected to one another as we reach across doorways, border walls and cyberspace to offer love and comfort to one another. Even as we struggle to meet together in-person, we have remained in ministry together, sharing resources and lifting one another up in prayer. We’ve proven that connections remain strong in the face of extraordinary challenges. Learn about the ways United Methodists are staying connected.

Faithful: We are a people of faith in all things. We place our trust in God’s love as we continue to navigate the mission field in these difficult times and grow in our faith through spiritual practices of worship, prayer and sacrament. We remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We faithfully give of our time, money, prayer and resources in service to the mission. Read about some of the ways United Methodists are growing in and living out their faith.

Learn more here:  UMC.org/PeopleOfGod

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