Image - CCM MagazineUse Web ADs to reach that niche fan! | Between the properties of and, your Web ADs have the potential to reach over 600,000 unique visitors per month! With the many features that these sites have to offer, they work in tandem to give the flexibility, maximum impact, and visually stunning representations of your products and services.

NOTE: Because is an editorially-driven outlet (magazine releases, op-ed’s, books, etc.) and is more radio-centric (streaming player, artist news, etc.), slight variations on how your ADs will appear between the two sites is possible—however, please know that our staff is dedicated to working one-on-one with you to ensure the most appropriate placements for maximum benefit on your content-specific ADs. Each site offers many target-specific categories aimed at getting the right people to your message.

Check out these available options:
> Prime, global positioned ADs (banners, drop-down’s, skins, takeover’s)
> Article/Content-specific banner ADs (non-prime AD slots)
> streaming player banners (maximum reach!)
> Upgrades  & Add-on’s (get more BANG for your buck!)

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