Top 25 Gospel Songs 2014  (Maranatha)
by Various Artists

FOR FANS OF: Black gospel music
Rating: 3 Stars

A two-disc compilation of gospel’s most profilic new and veteran artists, featuring impactful tracks from the recent past, Top 25 is a potent display of the genre’s wide ability. Traditional choir-backed tracks and modern urban outfits coexist easily, satisfying the gospel fan’s most eclectic craving. The only oddity: several of the songs are more than a few years old, dating the set list.
– Andrew Greer

WE LIKE: “Put it on the Altar” – Jessica Reedy


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About The Author

Andrew Greer

Andrew Greer is a Dove-nominated singer-songwriter and writer living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently co-authoring his first book with Ginny Owens for Thomas Nelson.