This is the Day the Lord Has Made

Today is a new day! It’s funny how I can have several moving targets going at once and yet things still feel as though they’re not much different than the day before.  Rushing off to work, dropping the kids off at school or camp, conquering the housework or preparing for the weekend service.  So many things to do, so many things to capture my attention… and then something stops me in my tracks! 

It’s not usually something all up in my face or enormous.  In fact, this morning it was something very subtle my son Merrick said to his twin sister.  On the way to the pre-school, I’m thinking about some papers I need to sign and send to accounting, the new order of CD’s for the website bookstore, a studio session I have this afternoon and anticipating a concert I’m attending in the evening…in other words, I’m a million miles away… in my own world! 

Then softly from the backseat Merrick says “My Emmy…” calling his sister Emory by her nickname.  Often in the car I see them reach across the seat to hold hands, expressing the extremely close bond that twins can have. 

It just hit me!  He has a sense of belonging with her, a security, a comfort, a friend, a “knowing” if you will.  Now I may be driving 70 mph on a 10-lane freeway in Houston, in rush hour traffic, but those two words stopped ALL the hustle and bustle in my mind for a moment.  Almost like the slow motion scenes in the Matrix that end with all those digital numbers falling off the screen.  I can see the checklist in my mind being wiped clean… a gentle voice whispers to my spirit, “My Cindy”, I whisper back “My Jesus, My Savior”. 

It doesn’t take much to get caught up in a moment of personal worship, just a gentle acknowledgement of “who” He is to you, a “knowing”.  It’s easy to get caught up in “the doing the work of the kingdom” after all… I have to prepare for a massive worship service at Lakewood Church every week. Then take into account all the other hats I put on everyday from record label executive to mom.  I was reminded this morning in the car that just a glance, a touch, even just a heartfelt word or two is so VERY important.  Reaching out to our Savior, our family, our friends or coworkers can make such a big impact!  Putting into balance “doing the work of the kingdom” or “knowing the King” is vital.  Thank you Lord for making just another day, a new day!     


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Cindy Cruse Ratcliffe

Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, a gifted songwriter and vocal talent second to none, brings with her a fresh, vivacious approach to worship. She began her music and ministry at a very early age. Singing with her family, Cindy was introduced to the recording studio at the young age of 6 years. The Cruse Family, a vibrant, evangelistic ministry of both music and preaching, traveled and ministered across the world. Their music ministry has received two of the Gospel Music Association’s coveted Dove Awards. Cindy became the youngest licensed ASCAP songwriter at the age of 9. At age 19, as a writer, she was nominated by the Gospel Music Association for both Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. In January 2000, Cindy became the Director of Music and Worship at Lakewood Church, the largest congregation in America, under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen. She has recorded three live worship albums at Lakewood Church titled “We Speak to Nations,” “Cover the Earth” and “Free to Worship”. In October of 2006 Cindy recorded a collaborative Christmas CD with The Houston Symphony entitled “The Gift”. In 2011, RPM Music, Inc., the record label founded by Cindy and Marcus signed a distribution deal, exclusive to the U.S. and Canada, with UMG CMG/EMI CMG in collaboration with L.A. based Dream Records. Cindy and the music ministry are broadcast weekly on nationwide television to over 100 million households on numerous major television networks. She is also Director of Music for Joel Osteen Ministries and serves as worship leader to his sold out arena tour, "A Night of Hope.” Additionally, she participates in a variety of worship events and community outreach concerts globally. Cindy resides in Houston, Texas, and is married to Marcus Ratcliff. Cindy and Marcus have three children, Windsor, Merrick, and Emory, whom they consider to be their greatest treasure...