ROCK SPOTLIgHT SHINE BRIGHT BABY Taking their name from Philippians 2, the members of Shine Bright Baby aren’t shy about the fact they want to let their faith radiate boldly, but all the while, the group’s musical commitment to excellence is certainly apparent. Just take a listen to the band’s national debut disc Dreamers (BEC Recordings), and it’s immediately clear the electronic rock foursome from suburban Ohio could easily follow in the footsteps of No Doubt, Shiny Toy Guns or Neon Trees. But as vocalist Emily Irene shares with CCM, Shine Bright Baby is just as personal as worshipful in the songwriting department (narrowing down the final track listing from over 70 choices), suggesting the band’s music is just as multi-dimensional as its audience. CCM: What would Christian listeners like most about your band? And what about mainstream music fans? Emily irene: Both Christian and mainstream listeners will find this record accessible. We never want to exclude anybody when writing a song. However, we are a Christian band and the songs have been inspired by our walk with Christ and themes found throughout our Christian faith. One of the heaviest songs on the record, “The Brave Ones,” was written using imagery from the Old Testament. CCM: What fueled your ability to write over 70 songs for these sessions and how did you decide what ones were keepers? Emily: We wanted the songs to not only be the best material we’ve released, but we wanted them to cast the right vision for what God had placed upon our hearts. We wanted the record to be cohesive, both sonically and lyrically, and sometimes that takes 70 songs! FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT SHINEBRIGHTBABY.COM CCMMagazine.coM –Andy Argyrakis