What’s NeW by caroline lusk NEW artistspotlight L-R: Yan, Ruslan, Nikita, Illarion EVErFoUND Most of us will never fully grasp the concept of persecution. Most of us will never have to defend, hide or live in fear because of our faith. Most of us will never have to consider the risk of following Christ. The four brothers who constitute the new band, Everfound, aren’t like most of us. Born to Russian parents who immigrated to the United States, the boys have not only inherited, but taken ownership of the precious gift that is faith, as well as what it truly means to surrender everything to Christ. Part of that legacy stems from their grandfather who was imprisoned for 20 years simply for owning a Bible. It was CCMMagazine.coM MeeT eVerFounD... THe broTHers Describe eacH oTHer in a Few worDs Nikita (23) Lead vocals/keys “The dramatic, emotional one...” Ruslahn (24) Guitar/keys “Dad” Yahn (21) Drums “The Comedian” Ilarion (18) Bass “The Sophisticated one”