Rock Spotlight Hearts of saints even though hearts of saints can regularly be seen rocking the main stage of a major festival or fitting right in at a mainstream club, the group is just as compelling when leading worship at a sunday morning service or youth group gathering. Given that dexterity, the band turns up the artistic ambition yet another notch with its new project For All Of Us, which features one disc of entirely new modern rock material and a second of original vertical expressions. aside from reuniting with executive producer ainslie Grosser (mutemath, Jesus Culture, matt redman), collaborators include Grammy award-winning producer andy hunt (matthew West, shirock) and producer/songwriter michael Farren, though no matter the tag team partner or style, front man Craig Felker assures CCM that hearts of saints strives for consistency and connection. CCm: Why a single project with two discs of new songs rather than two separate projects? Felker: i’ve heard it said that an album is a “snapshot” of where a band is at that particular time. i think this project truly showcases who we are right now. The truth is we’re a rock band and a worship band. We’ve written songs for the heart of the bride and for the ear of the bride. some songs were written with the live concert crowd in mind, and others were written so the saints could unite and sing songs of adoration for what Jesus has done in their lives. hence a rock disc and a worship disc. We’re the same band on both discs, but we feel called to do both. CCM: Who are some of your musical influences on this disc? Felker: We each individually have a pretty diverse list of influences, but we collectively love switchfoot, u2, The Killers, Foo Fighters, mutemath, the Jesus Culture movement and Hillsong United. We’ve also been very influenced by our good friend and producer Michael Farren. michael wrote such great songs as “let it rain” and “let The Worshippers arise” and is one of the most talented, anointed writers on the planet. To have him produce the worship disc was a huge blessing, and we truly value him as a brother and friend. CCm: What’s the story behind the For all of us title? Felker: For All Of Us is really about God’s redemption of all mankind by his death on the cross. We also chose it as the title of our album because it reflects the diverse nature of this record having something for everyone. CCm: What’s the band’s overall vision for this season of its career? Felker: i think for years we were scared of being labeled a “worship” band because we thought it would limit the types of songs we could write. That was just foolishness, and we’ve really come to embrace our identity. We just love singing songs with people, and hope this album allows us to continue doing that for many more years to come. CCMMagazine.coM — Andy Argyrakis