aDulT ConTemporary releases 01.08.2013 Karyn Williams OnLY YOu inpop reCords/emiCmG Jason CasTro OnLY A mOuntAin Word reCords/Word 01.22.2013 plumB FAster thAn A BuLLet CurB reCords/Word Carman Anthems OF A ChAmpiOn sparroW reCords/emiCmG merediTh andreWs WOrth it ALL Word reCords/Word CasTinG CroWns ACOustiC sessiOns: vOLume 1 BeaCh sTreeT reCords/ providenT various girLs OF grACe: the BeAutiFuL truth Word reCords/Word All release dates and album titiles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule click here. 01.15.2013 aDulT ConTemporary mereDiTh anDreWs Worth it All (Word) FOR FANS OF: Laura Story, Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer Knapp QQQQ With three years between studio Cds, the already talented meredith andrews has grown by even more noticeable leaps and bounds throughout Worth It All. in addition to honing her vertically- centered songwriting chops and expanding upon a glorious vocal range, the project is loaded with soul-stirring, often times anthemic contemporary pop arrangements. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Not For A Moment (After All)” Jason CasTro Only A mountain (Word Entertainment) FOR FANS OF: Kris Allen, Jimmy Needham, Jason Mraz QQQ The bubbly, blue- eyed Jason Castro gained a following in his “american idol” stint, but he will most likely keep that following with this record. it combines the best of his upbeat, gregarious tunes (like “Good love”) with more overtly- religious songs (like “i Believe”). The title track, “only a mountain,” is slightly sugary and shallow, but this is a good project with many cheerful moments. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Good Love” Tyrus morGan straight Line (Sycamore Sound Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Selah, Shawn McDonald QQQ as the follow-up to his release, Sycamore, Tyrus morgan is back, this time with even stronger worship oriented songs. his organic, smooth vocal has just the slightest hint of country, and songs like “lover of my soul” utilize a bluegrass sound to the best advantage. “song To The savior” features nicol sponberg, and is one of the brightest gems on the record. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Song To The Savior” CCMMagazine.coM