Rock Spotlight Love and death After his lengthy tenure with multi-platinum mainstream rockers Korn followed by a successful solo career, Brian “Head” Welch turns back to band life. These days, the born again musician is leading Love and Death, an equally heavy, metal-centered rock band that just dropped its debut long player Between Here & Lost (Tooth & Nail Records). Produced by Jasen Rauch (ReD, Breaking Benjamin), along with mixing by Paul Pavao & Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Slipknot) and Jim Monti (Korn), the collection is full of the artistic intensity fans have come to expect from the famed guitarist, but with a decidedly spiritual message that takes listeners on a deeply personal journey of struggle and healing. Score the full story from Welch’s recent conversation with CCM about his plethora of projects past and present. CCM: What prompted your decision to front a band as opposed to continuing with your solo career? Brian “head” welch: I hired the musicians to tour with me for my solo record, and we clicked so well that we decided to start a band together. My solo CD was all about me and what I went through with drugs and spirituality. Love and Death is different. All four band members are involved in all of the decisions in Love and Death. CCM: do you think Love and death’s music will appeal to Korn fans or do you consider it to have a sound all its own? welch: I think it has a sound all its own, but you can definitely hear that Korn thing in it because that’s where I came from. I’m proud of the sound we accomplished in Korn, but we are consciously trying to do some different things in Love and Death to help it sound like its own thing. CCM: Why did you decide to hold band auditions over YouTube? welch: Mainly to save time. I tried out people from a bunch of different states. The process was quicker with YouTube to see if each musician could actually play and fit the style of the band. CCM: how did your life experiences during the Between here & lost writing sessions shape the lyrics on the album? welch: every single song is personal to me. I seriously went through so much in the last few years and it felt great to write about it. But I can totally see other people getting different meanings from the songs as well. Basically, I mainly write about enduring the process of pain, and coming out ok on the other side with God’s touch. –Andy Argyrakis CCMMagazine.coM