Worship by Matt Conner 1211 AND A HOLY SACRAMENT When grace, Worship and Water collide “We’re to help people come into a place Where they’re stripped aWay of all the stuff that’s distracting or confusing or even depressing and they get a moment or an hour or a day Where they can have some alonetimeWithgod.” amy Antoun knew there was something special about that night, even if he couldn’t quite place it. So did Sergio Andrade. The members of the Austin-based worship collective known as 1211 had prepared for a baptism service and something stirred for the artists even during rehearsal the night before. By the time the group had finished leading Austin’s Gateway Church in that worship gathering last July, the Holy Spirit had moved, people were baptized and, eventually, a recording of the entire event would be released for others to hear what happened. Unplugged: The Baptism is the new project from 1211, a live release that features several modern worship favorites as well as an original tune entitled CCMMagazine.coM