performer’s edGe WiTh ToM JAckSoN my Book is Finally Finished! After two years of work—planning, designing, outlining, dictating, transcribing, proofing, editing, rewriting, proofing some more, editing some more— “the Book” is finally finished! If you’ve never written a book before, you need to understand something. Writing down your thoughts and knowledge brings a real clarity to what you teach! It’s one thing standing in front of an audience at one of my Bootcamps, at GMA’s Immerse or at New Music Seminar, speaking about my Live Music Method. It’s a “whole nuther” thing writing it down so it will make sense to the reader! But when you write it down so that it’s clear to everyone who reads it, it suddenly becomes even clearer to the author. And here’s what happened... My thoughts became very ordered (which doesn’t happen too often!). I pulled in everything I’d learned over the last decades (including a lot of things not on my DVDs, CDs,or Backstage videos), and it all came together in what some people are calling “2 books in 1.” In the first sections of the book, I lay out the “why and how to” of improving your live show. Then I included a big section on my Live Music Method Business Principles—the integral part of using what you’ve done for your live show to bring in revenue from numerous sources, how to invest properly in your career and examples of what a difference that makes for you to maintain a full-time career as an artist. So the book got long... it’s really a college textbook. (And there are colleges planning on using this as part of their curriculum.) Would I recommend getting the book if you haven’t seen any of my DVDs? Yes. This is (I believe) an extremely useful manual on my Live Music Method that every artist should study. You’ll still want the DVDs and my Backstage Pass videos to get the visual “how to’s”—some things are just easier to show than to write about (like mic stand technique or rearranging an intro). Would I recommend getting the book if you have my DVDs? Yes! You’ll definitely want to supplement my other teaching videos with this book! It goes into detail about things like longer and shorter set graphs, how (and when) to speak to your audience, my method of getting a vision for each song and how to uncover the moments during rehearsal, the time-proven business model that will increase your income and build a strong fan base, etc. I’ve got a special deal for you CCM readers, too. simply click this link to order and use Coupon Code CCm_20 to get $20 off the retail price... In the meantime, I’m going to sit back and relax for a day or two... ahhhhh... Tom Jackson, world renowned Live Music Producer, author of the book Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method and the All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series, is a master at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience! Tom has worked with 100’s of artists in every genre, including major artists like Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Jars of Clay, and more. He also shares his expertise as a highly demanded speaker at colleges, conferences & events worldwide. CCMMagazine.coM musicians corner /